The New School Crew

Climbing athletes or climbing addicts will go to any length for a great day on the boulders. Alpine overnights, for long session days, making the Creek home for a month, just to find some new lines, living in a van down by a river, just to get some extra hours on the rock, these climbers have dedicated everything to the sport we love. They continually push their limits, love some type 2 fun, and can't wait through a week without some gritty stone biting into their pads.

The OG Crew

Born from a passion for bouldering and fun, the original KinetiK Climbing Crew cut their teeth in the sandstone filled forests of Southern Illinois. From this small crew of miscreants, a idea blossomed, and KinetiK Climbing Products was born in our minds and souls. The owners of KinetiK have been on this crew for years, and continue their passion for climbing and camaraderie. We can't wait for the crew to expand even further.


The KinetiK Crew consists of people with a desire to build and expand the climbing community. Everyone fits in our community, from the casual gym climber to the regimented developers in the high alpine, KinetiK and our Crew want to expand our umbrella for all to enjoy what we hold dear.


Keeping the Wild in Wilderness is imperative for the future of climbing in our communities. Trail days, community outreach, and respectful land use are all imperative to our Climbing Crew.


Climbing is the essence of our days and dreams. Getting more from our adventures, having more fun, and feeling the accomplishment of a project completed are the fundamental force behind KinetiK Climbing Products.

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