Do you have the passion to be a KinetiK Sponsored Athlete?  Here at Kinetik, we believe that a climbing company has a responsibility to the climbing community.  First, to foster the progression of the sport and the products we use.  Second, to build a community based on support and education.  Also, to build relationships with the athletes we endorse. Large climbing companies only sponsor athletes that are pushing the limits of the sport.  While they are young and fit, brands entice climbers by giving them free gear and sometimes a small stipend. Once these athletes are no longer able to climb hard enough for the company to trade on the athletes name recognition, the support goes away.

At Kinetik we want to do things a little differently. We sponsor people that climb crazy hard,  but we also look deeper.   Mostly we look for people who use their talents to pursue a life long passion.  We hope that passion that is there long after the ascents that gave them a name in this sport are over.  Write for the beKinetiK Blog, make art for our apparel, or just crush at your profession. If you feel you, or someone you know, can help us move our sport and our dream forward, please fill out the contact sheet and we will get back to you for further information.

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Beome a KinetiK Climbing Products Sponsored Athlete