Editor’s Choice 2019 – Newton 4.0 Bouldering Pad


The Newton 4.0 has been selected by Climbing Magazine as the 2019 Editors’ Choice. The KinetiK Crew is not a team that blows our own horns very loudly. Therefore, this news re-assures us that our direction is true, and our products have purpose. Dedication to research, development, and change led us to the Newton 4.0 model. We here at KinetiK Climbing Products are honored and humbled to be considered. In the future, we will continue to make the best products we can for anyone looking for top of the line, well thought out climbing products. 

The Newton 4.0 starts with our tried and true foam combination.  Next, the shell was built with the climber in mind. Durability, comfort, and cleanliness are top benefits of the thoroughly designed shell. The hike to your project is a breeze with the ergonomic shoulder straps, and weight distribution is balanced with load lifters, and a substantial hip belt.  Keep the most comfortable straps system perfectly clean at the crag with our waterproof groundsheet. The groundsheet both protects the carry section and becomes a smooth, strap free, bottom. This function prevents catching during pad shuffling while your buddy cruxes or punts on his project. Easily stack and carry pads with the Omni-Flap system.  This features works with all Newton series pads.

A few things are brand new on the Newton 4.0 model. First and foremost, the refinement of the Omni-Flap system. Next, a few small adjustments to the carry system, making it more adjustable and comfortable.  Last, we finished with a touch of color and topsheet redesign. Currenlty, the Newton 4.0 represents our best, most reasonably-priced, solution to bouldering protection a climber can find.

With over three thousand different color combinations available, you will be certain to find the colors that energize your sending powers.  Play around with the KinetiK Customizer and match your favorite team, favorite country, or just your favorite caution signs.  

Newton 4.0 History

Before you go, take a look at the History of the Newton bouldering pad, and some of the quirky concepts we’ve worked through over the years.  

Bouldering Pad
We made the WHOLE thing Vinyl. Why Not??


bouldering pad
Early Groundsheet design
bouldering pad
The Omni-Flap System on an Early Newton and KiloNewton