Moment Smart Pocket

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Do you need a quick access pocket on those approaches?  Waist-belts covering the access to your pockets? The Moment Smart Pocket solves that common problem. Sometimes the small things make a day just move smoother. By being available when and where you need it, the Moment Smart Pocket travels with you on Bouldering Days and Cragging Days.  The pocket's Velcro closure attaches to most 2"+ waist-belts. Take a look at the Moment Accessory Pocket in action with our little in house product video.  Then, head over and choose from the stock Charcoal pocket, or get psyched by building your own combination.

backpack pocket
KinetiK Climbing Products - Moment Pocket - Accessory

KinetiK Climbing Products - Moment Backpack Pocket

Velcro Backing - KinetiK Climbing Products - Modular Backpack Pocket