Chalk Bucket Review – Climber Dad – Behind the KiloJoule 3.0

Check out this great chalk bucket review for the KiloJoule 3.0 and interview with John, the founder and maker behind KinetiK Climbing Products.  Take a look as we sit down with YouTuber, “Climber Dad”, for an interview.  Take a quick look at the discussion about the new KiloJoule 3.0, the features, and about the KinetiK brand.  When a climber uses the KiloJoule chalk bucket for the first time, they are hooked.  We have never submitted the KiloJoule for a chalk bucket review, but that’s gotta change.  Soon we’ll be Editors Choice everywhere.

Head over to his channel to see some great info on building your own wall.  Also, follow his “Dad to Climber” series on fitness from Dad Bod to serious, climber fit.  Later, be sure to Like and Sub to his channel and support all those creators out there making gear, making videos, and making good times.