KiloJoule 3.0

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Reduce Chalk Spills and Get an amazing Bouldering Bucket

Looking to reduce chalk spills at the gym, or at the boulder fields.  You’ve found your next chalk bucket.  The KiloJoule chalk pot has taken reducing chalk spills and moved it to spill-proof.  Recently, we’ve added new features to make this the best chalk bucket on the market.  Listed on the Climbing Magazine “2018 Holiday Gift Guide”, the KiloJoule 3.0 has been turning heads.  Take a closer look below.

Building on the our past, the KiloJoule 3.0 stands as a pinnacle of our chalk bucket design idea. Keep that expensive white gold locked up tight inside the Patent pending Constant Closure system. Always open, but also never open, the KiloJoule 3.0 prevents accidental spills. More importantly, it always is ready for a quick dip. With the addition of a zippered pocket, you can have your essentials with you at all times. Watch the video and see all that the new KiloJoule 3.0 has to offer you on your next trip to the gym or your favorite boulders.

The Kilojoule 3.0 upgrades the Constant Closure System with the ability to keep the bag open.  This allows you to fill your chalk bucket or dip a brush to chalk up holds. Simply pull the retainers out through the constant closure barrier and hook them onto the tabs on the outside of the bag. When you are done, simply flip the tabs back,  and the Constant Closure System snaps back into action.

The Kilojoule 3 is slightly smaller than the previous Kilojoule 2, making packing even easier.  Still it maintains the same great stable design and zip up carry mode. We have also added a generous pocket at the bottom of the Kilojoule 3.  Whether the bag is opened or closed, the pocket is easily accessed. Two “clip in points” allows you to attach it to anything, as well as four brush holder sleeves of two different widths to accommodate multiple sizes of brushes.

The Kinetik Climbing Kilojoule 3 is quite simply the next step in the evolution of the best chalk bucket on the planet.  Head over and choose from our Stock Colorways.  Custom combinations are coming soon.

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