New Product Insights – ALPINE Shoulder Straps and Access Belt – Long Approach Comfort

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Long Approach Comfort – The Alpine Bouldering Dilemma

Our tribe called loud and clear, and KinetiK responded in kind.  Repeatedly, climbers requested a proper, ergonomic shoulder strap and hip belt combination.  In response, KinetiK developed many prototypes and configurations.  After long nights and many test runs into the alpine boulder fields, we are proud to reveal the solution, the ALPINE Shoulder Straps and ALPINE Hip-belt. Finally, a long approach can be comfortable. Trust us, this combo is well worth the wait.

Alpine Shoulder Straps and Belt
KinetiK – ALPINE Harness System
Alpine Shoulder Straps

The ALPINE Shoulder Straps are unlike any on the market.  Long hikes on goat trails won’t get shorter, but the trip can always be more comfortable.  The new design incorporates wider, thicker shoulder straps and wrap around scapula supports.  Most of all, the combination spreads weight evenly on your shoulders and stabilizes the side to side rotation of the pad.  Soft, 3-D mesh fabric inside the straps sits comfortably against the skin and increases airflow under the straps.  Load lifters and a sternum strap further stabilize the weight of photo gear, lunch, beers, or anything else you find necessary.  Although we cannot make your secondary gear lighter, the pack you carry can be better.

Alpine Waist-belt
Alpine Waistbelt
KinetiK – ALPINE Ergonomic Waistbelt

The New ALPINE Belt is again a step beyond anything offered in the market today.  A simple, wider belt has some advantage over the standard strap, but proper padding and ergonomics make the real difference.  In addition to the width,  the thick padding around the entire belt ensures comfort and support on long hikes.  A thick, sculpted lumbar pad transfers more weight on your hips.  This weight transfer helps maintain proper posture and stabilizes the side to side motion.

Our signature Omni-Flap system protects both the ALPINE Belt and Shoulder Straps once you reach your project.  The full ground side protection prevents mud, dirt, moisture, or sand from destroying your straps or clothing.

Thank you for your patience on these solutions.  Kinetik worked long and hard on a solution, and until this time we have yet to find one worth your hard earned money.  The ALPINE Belt and Shoulder Strap are definitely something we are proud to bring to you.  Time to get deep into those ACCESS areas –  BECOME KINETIK!!


Committed – Sleeping under the stars in the boulder field – Mount Evans Colorado