Climbing the New Zealand Boulders – Cesar Valencia

Here is a short video of Kinetik Climbing athlete Cesar Valencia bouldering in the beautiful country of New Zealand.  Also, he logged some field testing of our Newton 4.0 on the trip, ensuring it was 100% ready for launch.  Next, the KiloJoule was packed up and given the long flight test, with no spillage in the luggage.

New Zealand bouldering is technical climbing.  Being both powerful and precise with its smooth limestone rock. Although there are many areas in New Zealand to climb, two of the most popular boulder fields are Castle Hill and Flock hill located on the south island. In fact, Cesar only had a few days to climb in these areas and was completely taken back by their beauty and unique style. The slick rock forces you to have intense focus, precise foot work and incredible patience. Every boulder in Castle Hill and Flock Hill is a journey into the unknown. Make sure to come here prepared to battle for every ascent, no matter what the grade. One thing is for sure, New Zealand Bouldering is some of the most majestic we’ve ever seen.

Two fun facts about Castle Hill and Flock Hill :

✧ In 2002 the Dali Lama said Castle Hill was “the Spiritual center of the universe”.

✧ Flock Hill was used in the battle scene of the 2005 film The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe

Boulders included in the video:
Unknown V1
Balkan Ekspres V6
Beautiful Edges V4
Shemale V8
Massive Underclings to Edges V6