Galen Peterson – Trice (V12) – Flagstaff Mountain, Colorado

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Living in Boulder gives you a multitude of areas and options when it comes to bouldering and climbing.  However, a short drive gets you up to Flagstaff Mountain.  Located minutes from town, it is a playground of super sharp, and super fun climbing, albeit not the most high quality climbing around.  Back in 1975, Jim Holloway created what would be one of the hardest boulder problems of the time, and called it Trice. Perhaps because of its one, extremely hard move, he named it Trice from the definition “a very short time”.  Additionally, the route was dubbed AHR, or “Another Holloway Route”.  With the “Verm” scale 15 years from birth, it was considered “Jim Holloway Hard” JHH.  Basically, it was the hardest level of climbing anyone was doing at the time.  Thirty-two years later in 2007, Trice was finally repeated and landed as V12.

Ten years later, Galen decided to take his fingers to pain-town and knock down this super classic.