Crashpads of Compromise – Going Direct

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Pricedrop 2017 has come and we are excited to move our Newton Series crashpads direct to you through our website.  It has been a strange trip to this point, but we can now concentrate on giving our climbers the best deal possible, without compromise.  
At KinetiK Climbing Company, we always strive to move forward, to take risks, and to produce only the best products for you.  We saw to many companies rise to prominence on innovative products, only to fall into the trap of growth at the expense of innovation.  We made innovation the driving force of our company.  It is why we call ourselves KinetiK. We are constantly moving forward.
The Newton Deluxe crashpad is the definition of a product that cuts no corners and sacrifices nothing in search of a price-point.  The Newton series of crashpads offer the best energy dispersion on the market while featuring solutions unseen on any other bouldering pad on the market.  These features created the best pad on the market, but at a high price.  
In the retail world, we realized all this added quality produced a product that did not work in the wholesale system.  Selling the Newton crashpads in retail stores would push our prices higher than we desired.  Despite this fact, we maintained a competitive retail price, lower than any accountant should have allowed.  The wholesale margins eliminated any profit, so we decided to try a compromise. 
Being good designers, we knew we could create a product that worked in the retail system.  The problem could be solved with design, not with accounting.  We set forth on a compromising campaign.  Production cost was lowered by removing the expensive military spec vinyl, simplifying the patterns, removed anything that wasn't part of the CORE of the Newton series.  This allowed us to have a retail pad that was KinetiK, but in its essence was not fully KinetiK.
The Newton 1.0 (as this project became known), was a great solution with all the features and foam.  Unfortunately it was a Frankenstein of compromises that went fundamentally against the KinetiK brand of forward progress.  Sales felt great, but every sale took something from us.  It took a little of our integrity.  We were offering a product just to make it work within the retail system we saw in front of us.  The focus was on retailers and not our users.
So as of now, we say NO MORE!!! The Newton 1.0, a great pad, but not a 100% KinetiK pad, will no longer be available.  We will never again allow price point and retail systems to define our products.  Going direct to customer allows us to lower all our DELUXE Series crashpad prices.  Our customers deserve only the best, so we will focus on providing only that in our products.  Everyone can Become KinetiK, but KinetiK cannot create products for every climber at every price. Removing the crashpads from this retail system allows us to bring you a lower price, and a commitment to the best we can build. When you want the best, you can come directly to us at and buy direct from the manufacturer.