Wes Walker|Stunning Night Star Photography

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Rock climbing brings us to the most beautiful places.  Climbers and adventure seekers are drawn to the most incredible scenery.  Enjoy some stunning night sky shots from recent bouldering trips to the Colorado mountains. Wes Walker always brings out the beauty, even when everyone else decides to call in a day. Even when the sun goes down, Wes is hard at work, with night climbing or with capturing the beauty of the mountains. Check out his incredible Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/dreamaliveproductions/ .  Wes is an incredible climber, and an incredible photographer.  We are always stoked to see the images he brings back from the mountains.

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Daniel is a co-owner of Kinetik Climbing Products and found climbing in the sandstone cliffs of Shawnee National Forest in 1999. He lives outside Seattle, Washington with his wonderful wife, Jessica, and son, Tarin. The Northwest has been their home since 2002, and they can't get enough.