KiloJoule Spill Test #1

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We spill test our KiloJoules in all types of environments.  Spilling chalk is a bummer. Chalk is sometimes expensive, and always an eyesore. However, you need not worry while using the KiloJoule Chalk-bucket. In order to prevent spills, the KiloJoule has a Patent Pending closure. Open and Closed at the all times, the KiloJoule is unlike any other chalk bucket. As a result, you can dip for chalk, kick it off the boulder, and you won’t lose your chalk. As a consequence, you can concentrate on your beta, and less time scooping up piles of white gold. So, enjoy this quick video, highlighting the spill-proof design of the revolutionary KiloJoule Chalk Bucket.  Send us your video of your KiloJoule spill test, and we will share it.