chalk bucket
chalk bucket
KiloJoule Chalk Bucket
The KiloJoule is a community chalk bucket designed to be used without the fear of tipping, spilling, and wasting of loose chalk.  The Patent Pending “Constant Closure System” keeps chalk from spilling while allowing for a quick and easy dip before sending your next problem.  With a waterproof vinyl shell, it keeps water and moisture out while the bag is zipped up, and while it is sits on the soggy ground.  A rugged zipper allows this ingenious taco style closure allows for spill free transport and years of wear and tear.  Take along a couple brushes and, if your shoe size allows, pack those shoes right inside for a perfect grab and go gym bag.
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chalk bag
Joule Chalkbag
The Joule is our take on the classic worn chalk bag using our exclusive, ergonomically designed shape improving the connection of climber and bag on route.  The Joule's compact, fast and light, design reduces weight and bulk, and increases comfort.  The flat back design improves accessibility and stability by preventing twisting and bag shifting.  Designed with the natural ergonomics of the hand, the tapered diamond shape funnels chalk into one area for quick easy dips, allowing you to concentrate on the send, not on the bag.  Additionally, a reinforced upper rim opens the bag wide for easy access at all times.  Allow 2 weeks for production of custom ordered Joule chalk bags.
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