KinetiK Climbing design and development studio is the heart of our company.  It is what makes us who we are.  We seek constant motion, always evolving, like the sport we love, and without the studio, that energy would be lost.  Product design and development was the seed that started KinetiK Climbing Products, without that energy, our products would not add to the energy of Rock Climbing as a culture.  Kinetic energy is defined as the energy of an object or body in motion, and this ethos is at the core of our design philosophy at the KinetiK Climbing Studio.  
From our humble beginning in the dining room of a Southern Illinois home, we have constantly been evolving our products through innovation, ethics, and unmatched quality.  We do not compromise when it comes to our products.  We see our process as designing better gear, and then to find ways to make it even better.  Designing a product that fundamentally changes how we interact with our gear is like a first ascent to us.  Rock climbing changes but gear can become stagnant, and not evolve for the new breed of climbers enjoying both the indoors and outdoors in new and exciting ways.  
With every product, from crashpad to chalkbag, we strive to solve problems, increase the function, and seamlessly join your climbing experience to the gear.  Take a look at the studio for new products and send us reviews on our new designs.  Check the Shop for new products and Join us and see what we come up with next...
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