Attention Climbers!!!!

Here at Kinetik we believe that a climbing company has a responsiblity to the climbing community to help foster the progession of the sport, as well as a responsiblity to the atheletes we endorse. Typically climbing companies sponsor atheletes that are pushing the limits of the sport by giving them free gear and sometimes a small stipend. Once these athletes are no longer able to climb hard enough for the company to trade on the athletes name recognition, the support goes away. At Kinetik we want to do things a little differently. We sponsor people that climb hard, but also people who use their talents to pursue a life long passion that is there long after the ascents that gave them a name in this sport are over. Please enjoy this video created by one of the Crew. If you feel you or someone you know can help us move our sport and our dream forward, please e-mail us at

Attention Climbers

Wes Walker – National Athlete / Photographer

Wes is a a creative, high energy, professional Videographer/Photographer with diverse marketing experience in shooting and editing video/photo, publishing, and corporate branding. He has the ability to communicate and interact well with people at all levels. A relationship builder experienced in social networking and media production. Achieves consistent results while thriving in a fast-paced environment of change and growth. He lives to explore the high alpine bouldering areas of CO, and is currently trying to figure out a way to stay in the mountains without ever having to return to the city ūüôā

Leanna Lockhart – National Athlete / Geologist

Leanna has been climbing since 2004, from the gym to the boulders to the competitions. In 2013, she completed her BS in Geology at Appalachian State University in the bouldering hot spot of Boone, NC, where she made most of her notable ascents. She now lives nearby in Charlotte, NC and frequents the many boulder fields of NC on the weekends. Other than traveling throughout the Southeastern US climbing scene, Leanna spent a few months in Hueco Tanks after graduating college. She is looking forward to venturing further out into the country to experience the bouldering she always hears about out west. In addition to her outdoor climbing, she loves competing and the rush of energy and excitement that comes with competitions. Leanna hopes to retain the same passion she has had for climbing since first falling in love with the sport. 

Aaron Davis – Regional Athlete / Southeastern Sales Rep.

Aaron has been climbing since early 2007. He started at what was then a YMCA in Jacksonville, FL climbing in New Balance running shoes. Eventually getting climbing shoes and eager to get outside, he took his first bouldering trip a few months later to the High Country of NC and now, years later, currently resides much closer to real rock in Mooresville, NC where his Professional Routesetting career has led him. You can usually find him at one of his favorite local bouldering areas such as Rumbling Bald or exploring the Boone area. Though his love for the southeast and all its fried glory is eternal, he has plans to eventually travel and climb across the country and around the world. Bishop, Hueco, Font and the Grampians are just a few on his ticklist. Being a routesetter, he has come to really enjoy all styles of movement and is always on the hunt for a good mantle.
Top 3 Favorite Problems: 
Patio Roof, V8/9- Rumbling Bald, NC
Love Matters, V7- Guanella Pass, CO
Swingers, V3-Stone Fort, TN
Non-Climbing Interests: BBQ, NFL Football, Ping Pong, Tennis and Heavy Music.
Fun/Weird Fact: Has a Cracker Barrel tattoo on his chest (No, he did not lose a bet)


Galen Peterson- Regional Athlete/ Resident Engineer

Galen started climbing on the moss covered boulders in the forests of the Cascades.  While studying at Oregon State University, he competed in the Northwest Collegiate Climbing Circuit and developed new problems in the boulder fields of the nearby Cascade Range.  Now as a route-setter at The Boulder Rock Club, Galen also assists in the operations side of Kinetik Climbing Products.

Favorite food: French Fries
Non climbing interests: listening to NPR
Weird fact: Has bouldered on the Great Wall of China

Joslynn Corredor- Regional athlete / Climbing Coach

Joslynn came to climbing needing a reprieve from her career as a Division One Track and Field athlete. Joslynn quickly took to the climbing gym on the campus of Oregon State University.  During a formative trip to Bishop, her passion for climbing was cemented.  Upon graduating with a Degree in Exercise Science, she began coaching at the Boulder Rock Club.  Unlike most climbers, Joslynn is terrified of heights, but loves scary mantles.
Favorite Food: Umami 
Non Climbing interest: Cute animals and Olympic Weightlifting
Weird Fact: Joslynn will start crying if an animal is, in fact, too cute. 

Star Pais- Regional Athlete /Climbing Wall Builder

Star started climbing in 2011 after moving to the mecca Boulder, CO.  Growing up in the East he would visit his older brother who already lived in Colorado and remembers his first climbing experience top roping some 5.8 in Boulder Canyon.  Star followed in his footsteps upon graduating and moved to Colorado that summer. He originally came out for the snow in the big mountains but after getting a job building climbing walls everything changed. 

The next summer Star found his passion for climbing in the boulders of the front range and since has pursued it into hard sport and trad climbing.  Star lives to climb currently and likes to meet people as psyched as himself. In the future he hopes to develop boulders, bolt routes, get FA's, DWS in Spain, and keep pushing his limits in climbing. 

Favorite Food: Spaghetti 

Non Climbing Interest: Reading books & trail running

Weird Fact: Met Sharma in a Von's checkout

Vasco – Regional Athlete / Jack of all trades (including cutest puppy in the world)

Vasco has become a irreplaceable facet of the Kinetik company.  He is always there with design advice and brings a new perspective to all our products.  He is frequently found on top of boulders before most humans make there way up.  As a longtime Boulder resident, he has strong opinions on off-leash policies and trail maintenance.